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Great Spike

Freestyle: Great Spike– Published by Roberto Spike on 12/06/2019 Great Spike When the scene feeds me back to the track

Burn Phoenix Burn

Spike: Burn Phoenix Burn – Published by Roberto Spike on 28/03/2019 Burn Phoenix Burn Burning Phoenix Burns the pain in anger
A Dark Mind

Night of hell

Dark Mind: Night of hell – Published by Roberto Spike on 15/01/2019 Night of hell Night of hell accompany me in the
The Voice of Fate

My Future smiles at me

Voice of Fate: My Future smiles at me – Published by Roberto Spike on 1o/08/2018 My Future smiles at me [Suggested words:

The soul of my Phoenix

Request: The soul of my Phoenix – Published by Roberto Spike on 07/06/2018 The soul of my Phoenix [Suggested words: Ashes, Queen,
Word Plays

Your soul shines

Word Plays: Your soul shines  – Published by Roberto Spike on 09/01/2018 Your soul shines [Suggested Words: Light, Phoenix, Abyss, Joy