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Alcohol flows into the veins

Spike: Alcohol flows into the veins – Published by Roberto Spike on 14/09/2019 Alcohol flows into the veins Alcohol flows into

I painted myself

Spike: I painted myself – Published by Roberto Spike on 05/07/2019 I painted myself I painted a Tear on the face
Word Plays

Leave me in my crazy

Word Plays: Leave me in my crazy  – Published by Roberto Spike on 05/05/2019 Leave me in my crazy [Suggested
A Dark Mind


Dark Mind: Hunting – Published by Roberto Spike on 04/12/2018 Hunting After a life of prey you turn me into a predator
Dedicate to

Spirit Guide

Dedications: Spirit Guide – Published by Roberto Spike on 01/11/2018 Spirit Guide Anger inside me, repressed, locked up in the deepest abysses
The Hug of Alpha and Omega

My Love goes out

Apha & Omega: My Love goes out  – Published by Roberto Spike on 05/10/2018 My Love goes out [Suggested Words: Disappointment,