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People talk about love

Spike: Published by Roberto Spike on 02/05/2019 People talk about love People talk about love but often does not know it
A Passion Mind

Good day my Princess

Passion Mind: Good day, my Princess – Published by Roberto Spike on 062/03/2019 Good day, my Princess Good day, my Princess I
A Damned Mind

Eternal Damnation

Damned Mind: Eternal Damnation  – Published by Roberto Spike on 27/12/2018 Eternal Damnation Black thoughts that flow and trace my veins

I would like to be Fire

Muse: I would like to be Fire – Published by Roberto Spike on 16/04/2018 I would like to be Fire [Model: Albachiara
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I love to see you laugh

Dedications: I love to see you laugh – Published by Roberto Spike on 23/03/2018 I love to see you laugh [Dedicated to
A Perverse Mind

Perfect couple

Perverse Mind: Perfect couple  – Published by Roberto Spike on 03/02/2018 Perfect couple [Suggested words: Necklace, Love, Wronged, Gaze, Perfect By