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People talk about love

Spike: Published by Roberto Spike on 02/05/2019 People talk about love People talk about love but often does not know it
A Dark Mind

Dark Presence

Dark Mind: Dark Presence – Published by Roberto Spike on 07/04/2019 Dark Presence Live inside me, I feel you pulsing you’re
Word Plays

Make yourself free

Word Plays: Make yourself free  – Published by Roberto Spike on 12/02/2019 Make yourself free [Suggested Words: Wounds, Tears, Ash, Afraid
A Sick Mind

Beyond the tunnel

Sick Mind: Beyond the tunnel – Published by Roberto Spike on 24/11/2018 Beyond the tunnel Few really want know what is hidden

I’m so proud

Spike: I’m so proud – Published by Roberto Spike on 17/11/2018 I’m so proud Too many, they think they know me, but,
A Damned Mind

Come and get me

Damned Mind: Come and get me  – Published by Roberto Spike on 06/11/2018 Come and get me Come and get me,