Our Demons

Freestyle: Our Demons – Published by Roberto Spike on 11/06/2019

Our Demons

You do not see me and you do not hear me
you perceive movements
you sit and remain silent
and the panic spreads in a minute.

The predator waits
he puts forward a paw
ready to go off the attack
and this impact will be strong.

You look around and you do not understand
you hide and then vanish
you have circumvented the problem
but he is always lurking.

You get confused in the sand
create your silly cage
put your hands in defense
but it’s a life that you gave up.

And keep wasting time
burning fast every moment
and other demons take life
and the game is almost over.

But despite all this
what I say does not make text
you do not listen to a word
and you prefer to be alone.

I put myself aside
while you wait for your fate
It seems like a card game
but here the stronger will win.

And in the meantime the days pass
and while others fly
you stay there watching
from your window your funeral.

There is nothing worse
that feel the heart die
broken dreams that burn
while your remains are consumed.

Like blades that scar you
and your soul cut
memories come back to mind
and it almost seems to stab you.

You do not see anything beautiful
everything looks like a big brothel
and sends you in confusion
creating more tension in you.

And you would like to throw yourself away
on the tracks of a railway
but they also lack courage
or understand it is unwise.

Then get up and fight
without coming to terms
bring your projects to life
always fighting with clenched teeth.

You know life is a whore
it goes on with the grain
but sometimes of violence
you can not stay without it.

If fate has turned against
I’m ready for the fight
worse for him if he then perishes
but now nothing scratches me.

I ate too much shit
to let it scatter me
without leaving my mark
to continue that design.


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